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This is our FALL BAG! 🍁 🎁 Full of amazing fall themed products from your favorite companies! Get ready to create those fun fall sets for you and your clients this season!

This box has a total retail value of $33.82 + FREE SHIPPING

🎁 Product List: 

1️⃣  Red Iguana Fall Stickers: Super Cute and easy to apply fall themed stickers. Featuring fall leaves, acorns, squirrels and more. Value: $4.95

2️⃣ BioSeaweed Gel Naughty or Nice Polish: This beautiful shade of red is a perfect color for this season! Value: $12.00

3️⃣ Yellow Matte Transfer Foil: A beautiful yellow transfer foil thats perfect for the season. Use with your favorite Foil Transfer Gel. Value: $4.95

4️⃣ Butterfly Transfer Foil: Assorted butterfly transfer foil designs. Use with your favorite transfer foil gel. Value: $4.95

5️⃣ Veronique's Shop Dried Flowers: A lovely fall flower/leaf mix for the season. Encapsulate in acrylic or gel for your next fall set. Value: $1.99

6️⃣ Yellow Candy Beads: These beads create beautiful candy 3D designs. Apply with your favorite gemgel. Value: $1.99

7️⃣ Fall Glitter Mix: Beautiful Holo gold/yellow glitter mix. Encapsulate with acrylic or gel for your next set. Value: $2.99