Current Box : JUNE 2021 NAILBOXY


Bring on more nail art! 🤩🤩🤩

11 products for the month of June- create, imagine and design! We are sure to have a lot of fun with these items! 

1️⃣🎁 Nail Art Organizer - 21 slots to store your nail charms and crystals! 

2️⃣🎁 Pixie Crystals - create gorgeous sets with these beautiful caviar beads!

3️⃣🎁 Gold Heart Studs - perfect for gel and acrylic encapsulation! Add a little golden love to any set! 

4️⃣🎁  Neon Candy beads - create bright and vibrant art with these jelly beads! 

5️⃣🎁 Aurora charms - each box will receive a pack of teddy bears, butterflies or bows! Cute 3d nail art 😍

6️⃣🎁 Aurora Transfer Foil - we love foils! Especially when they are as pretty as these! 

7️⃣🎁 Mermaid chrome tweezers - this gorgeous tools make applying nail art much easier! 

8️⃣🎁 12 Pack of assorted paper flowers - various floral designs for gel and acrylic encapsulation 

9️⃣🎁 Jar of metallic foil - each box will receive either a gold, copper or silver jar!

🔟 🎁 Holographic glitter mixes - each box will receive one colorful mix! 

1️⃣1️⃣ 🎁 Glitter and dip powders catcher - apply your glitters or dip with ease and less mess! Sanitary method  and never lose product!  

Get your creative juices flowing with these nail art items! Let’s create with a box full of nail art surprises this month and all summer long! SUBSCRIBE TODAY!