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Love is in the air all year long! This past box features an amazing assortment of products from one of our favorite partners DAILY CHARME! 🌸😻

🎁1️⃣ Charme GelH85 Whimsical: Soft and romantic, this dreamy nude jelly is one of our absolute favorites! Stay chic and let its holographic shimmer wash over your nails! Cure Time-UV 2 min or LED 60 sec Soak off gel, use with DC base and top for best results.

🎁2️⃣ 3D Art Mixing Gel: This 3D Art Mixing Gel is a clear gel that can be used to create 3 dimensional nail art designs like unicorn horn and seashell. The unique viscous and self-leveling texture makes it easy to work with. Can be mixed with pigmented gel colors to create 3D nail art. LED 30sec - UV 60sec

🎁3️⃣ Magic White Chrome: Use our Magic White Chrome Powder to add a beautiful clear pearlescent sheen to any base color! Apply over a white base for a pure white chrome looks or apply over a black base for a gunmetal metallic chrome look!

🎁4️⃣ Bejeweled Mixing Stick: These bejeweled mixing sticks come with a flattened tip, they're perfect for mixing gel, acrylic or even nail polish. Metal tip can be safely cleaned with acetone or alcohol. 

🎁5️⃣ Bejeweled Mixing Spoon: These bejeweled mixing spoons can be used as a scoop or as a stir. Metal tip can be safely cleaned with acetone or alcohol. 

🎁6️⃣ Valentine’s Day Nail Art Wheel: A cute nail art decor mix we curated for Valentine's Day! The wheel includes 3 different size gold caviar beads, polymer hearts/stars, heart, heart frame, crescent moon, and arrow metal studs. 

🎁7️⃣ Silicone Nail Art Mold: Mini silicone mold with two different sized hearts! Make unique nail charms with this mold using acrylic mix or gels. They are also great for creating your own gel color swatches.

🎁8️⃣ Love Dangles Sticker: Tons of love or hearts in red, pink and purple, individual or in a dangle design! Comes in a variety of sticker sizes to fit perfectly on your nails.

🎁9️⃣ Pure Heart Zircon Charm: The Pure Heart charm resembles the ornament topper of a fairy wand. It is intricate and cute. This charm is suitable for all nail shapes. Add an enchanted touch to your nail with the fairytale inspired Pure Heart charm.

🎁🔟 Valentine’s Day Glitter: beautiful Valentine’s Day glitter mix which can be used with gel polish, acrylic or hard gel

Enjoy February 2021 Nailboxy! You can find more info, product tutorials and nail designs with these products by visiting and their socials!

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