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We have a full box of amazing Bioseaweed Gel products! Popular gel products for a great price- get your hands on products celebrities love! ❤️


JANUARY 2021 NAILBOXY featured products:

1️⃣🎁 Bio Seaweed Gel- Strong Base Coat: Strengthen your gel nails with our upgraded extra strength Base-1 Gel Polish. New and improved rubber base formula for a strong base. Use with our 3 step gel system for best results. 15 ml (0.50 fl. oz)

2️⃣🎁 Bio Seaweed Gel- No Wipe Top Coat: Protect your gel nails with our upgraded high-shine No-Wipe Top Gel Polish. New and improved formula for a longer-lasting shine. No cleansers needed, cures to the touch with no tacky inhibition layer. 15 mL (0.50 fl.oz)

3️⃣🎁 Bio Seaweed Gel- Artiste Gel: Artist'e by Bio Seaweed Gel is a clear blooming nail art gel polish. Use with your favourite gel polish colours to create water and airbrush effects. 18 mL (0.60 fl.oz)

4️⃣🎁 Bio Seaweed Gel- Unity One color gel polish: UNITY is our one-step gel polish that combines No-Sanding Base, No-Wipe Top, colour and nail strengtheners all-in-one bottle, You can opt to add additional base and/or top for extra strength and shine if desired. 15 mL (0.50 fl.oz) (random color)

5️⃣🎁 Bio Seaweed Gel:  Gel Polish and Nail Laquer set: Our set includes a 3STEP Colour Gel Polish and BeBio Nail Lacquer. 3STEP is a traditional three-step formula requiring use with BSG Base and Top. Pair it with our  BeBio Nail Lacquer for . 15 mL (0.50 fl.oz) (random color) ( 2 products- 1 gel/ 1 nail laquer)

6️⃣🎁 Bio Seaweed Gel- Branded Nail File: Bio seaweed branded nail files- used for filing down nail length and shaping of the nail (1 per box)

7️⃣🎁 Bio Seaweed Gel- Nail Buffer: Large square (purple/orange) nail buffer to smooth and even nails ( 1 per box)

8️⃣🎁 Bio Seaweed Gel- Mini square nail buffer: mini square (purple/orange nail buffer) to smooth and even nails (2 per box)

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